Hi everybody!

As you hopefully know, I’ve got a book coming out! It’s called Night Terrors, it’s all about sex and dating (and how terrifying they are) and it can be yours next week, on July 2nd.

Instead of just reminding you yet again that the book is out July 2nd, I come bearing gifts! Namely, this excellent animated book trailer made by the extraordinary Patrick Moberg.

For those of you familiar with book trailers, you may be surprised to see one described as excellent. Most book trailers are not excellent.

…But most book trailers don’t have dog boners and winking genitalia.

Which brings me to my next point: it’s kind of NSFW? I don’t know. It’s animated. You can watch the boring ass censored one over here, but it’d be much better for everyone if you watched this one. Maybe watch it with headphones or earbuds?

Worst case scenario, if your boss catches you watching it and isn’t pleased… maybe you could explain that you’re just ingesting culture? And that your boss shouldn’t stifle you. And also that your boss should go to his/her favorite bookstore on July 2nd and buy Night Terrors.

Or preorder it, if he/she’s nasty:

Barnes & Noble
Books A Million

You can also learn more over here.