Night Terrors by Ashley Cardiff (Gotham, July 2013)

Remember when we told you about the greatest sex book ever written? And then we showed you the greatest book trailer ever conceived of and executed?

Well, hopefully you remember. Otherwise we suck at promoting books.

Anyway, today’s a very special day–our own Ashley Cardiff publishes her first book, Night Terrors. Technically, Penguin published it. It’d be pretty cool if Ashley was also a publishing house, though (she’s not).

Night Terrors is an awesome essay collection/memoir about sex, dating, growing up, and all that messy romantic stuff. It’s smart, it’s funny, and the first chapter concerns Ashley’s recurring sexual nightmare about Prince.

But! If you’re not convinced, you can go read a whole chapter for free on The Awl right now. Even better, it’s about porn stars. Kind of!

If you love the Gloss (/Prince) (/dick jokes), you will be all about this book. And so, we implore you to purchase it right now from one of these fine retailers:

Barnes & Noble
Books A Million

Happy reading!