Same-sex marriage is back on in California. So what does that mean? Yeah, civil rights are cool and everything, but everybody knows straight people weddings are all about spending a ton of money on things like cake cutters, party favors, and waiters in white gloves. Marriage equality means capitalism equality, and now the gays can spend their money on ridiculously overpriced wedding accessories. I mean, think how much more money those bridal consultants on Say Yes to the Dress will make now that they can sell two dresses in a single appointment!

Founded by a lesbian couple, Maria and Kirsten Palladino, Equally Wed is an online magazine that caters (pun alert!) toward same-sex couples who are planning weddings. They have advice and recommendations for everything from florists to venues to boudoir photographers. One way they’re different from traditional bridal magazines? They also have information about where you can attend your next pro-same-sex-marriage march or rally.