2013 NRJ Music Awards
Taylor Swift is working on getting her real estate license.

Demi Lovato bought her dad the latest book in the Last Lion series for Christmas because her dad is a big Churchill fan.

Sam Elliott anonymously manages three separate parody Twitter accounts.

Every time Chris Rock travels, he leaves a copy of Rumours behind for the next guest, just in case they don’t have a copy.

Paz de la Huerta has never been to a Waffle House.

Queen Latifah regularly makes herself “invisible” on Gchat.

Jessica Alba believes that she can tell the difference between Slice and Diet Slice without looking at the label; she is incorrect.

Idris Elba has tried and given up reading Infinite Jest three times now.

Ryan Seacrest is allergic to strawberries, and occasionally publishes original poetry under the name Jeanette Erlwine.

Cornel West is a big fan of Fox’s New Girl.

Uma Thurman shoplifted a pink plastic watch from a Circle K at the age of seven but denied it so consistently that now, years later, she actually believes her own lie that it was her sister who stole the watch.

Kim Kardashian owns a large collection of tropical fish and is mildly allergic to acetone.

Miranda Lambert is reasonably proficient in American Sign Language. Not fluent, but proficient.

Anne Hathaway has never hidden a baby bump.

Harrison Ford has mild tinnitus but refuses to mention it to his doctor.

Freida Pinto is three credits shy of an associate’s degree in graphic design.

William H. Macy owns a first edition of every Wallace Stegner book ever published.

Chris Evans never updates his anti-virus software.

Denzel Washington is an avid redditor.

Emma Stone is a committed advocate for improving end-of-life care in American hospitals and hospices.

Adam Levine helped former Fleetwood Mac member Christine McVie overcome a debilitating fear of flying.

[Image via Wenn]