Earlier this week, Crystal Harris went on the Howard Stern show and talked shit about Hugh Hefner, his sexual prowess and his desirability. We wondered whether that was an appropriate thing to do, and it appears as though we’re not alone.

Several Playmates have come out of the woodwork to get Hef’s back, saying that Crystal was likely lying and that Hef is indeed a lion in the sack. Here are some quotes, courtesy of People.com:

“I’ve heard girls say they have a lot of fun in there,” says Hiromi Oshima.

(And by “in there,” she of course means in Hef’s bedroom/pants.)

“Hef is a lover,” says Dani Mathers, who works at Playboy TV. “I think they definitely had sex more than that one time and it wasn’t two minutes. Hef definitely has a sex life.”

And finally:

“I think the whole thing with Crystal is really sad, and Hef is such an amazing man. He provides so much for everyone that’s around him and all of the Playmates,” says Shanna McLaughlin, who appeared in the magazine in July 2010. “I think some things should be kept private between two people, especially in a break-up scenario.”

Take that, Crystal Harris. Granted, these women may well be using Crystal’s gaffe as a way to elevate themselves in the eyes of Hef and Playboy, but who cares? Good for them! We are not super impressed with Crystal’s behavior, and even if these Playmates are taking advantage of an opportunity, well, they’re just turning the already turned tables back on her.