Move over, Mother Teresa – there’s a new saint in town. The Catholic church is in the process of canonizing Sister Mary MacKillop, an Australian nun who was excommunicated by a priest whom she outed as a child molester. MacKillop, who went by the name Sister Mary of the Cross, died in 1909 and will be the first Australian saint. After being formally canonized on October 17th, she will become the patron saint of sexual abuse victims. To be honest, there are so many jokes to make here that I almost don’t know where to begin. I’ll just commend the Catholic Church for their excellent PR attempt. While I have nothing but regard for a woman who seemed to live a noble life and was punished for doing the right thing, it’s impossible to ignore the implications of her sainthood. Maybe some Catholic priests should start praying in her name the next time they’re thinking about molesting a child or covering up someone else’s act.

Oh, and there’s also a rose named after her. It’s here on the left. Pretty, don’t you think?