Clearly Omarosa woke up the morning of the BET Awards and thought…

“No one seems to care what I’m up to these days. It’s like The Apprentice didn’t even happen and I was never on The Surreal Life. Doesn’t anyone want to talk about my boob job anymore?

“I know what I’ll do…I’ll find the tackiest, worst looking party dress ever and wear that tonight. I’m thinking…something Kathy Griffith would wear. I could be the next Kathy Griffith. Yeah, I’m envisioning lots of feathers and definitely and silver.

“No one will forget Omarosa again after tonight.”

Oh honey.

We will. After we’ve had a good chuckle at this horrible looking dress, we’ll forget all about you and the career you never really had in the first place. But thank you for the laugh, Omarosa.

Who are you again?

Image: Bauer Griffin

Image: Bauer Griffin