Bristol poses for Harper's Bazaar

Bristol and Levi announced their engagement a few days ago, right? So I guess it must be a little awkward for her that in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar, she’s quoted as calling him “a stranger” and “dirty laundry”:

“‘I just ignore it. He is a stranger to me,’ she says, visibly rattled by the mention of Johnston’s name, though she refrains from saying more. ‘I don’t want to get into it. It’s just dirty laundry.’ She is not seeing anyone at the moment: ‘I’m in no rush. One day I’ll find a nice guy.'”

Ouch, dude! That has to hurt, even if you’re Levi Johnston and you’ve already made a complete ass out of yourself publicly. Like, this interview couldn’t have been done that long ago, so chances are that they were kind of sort of talking about getting back together already, and she goes and says that.

Cause here’s the thing. Even if she was seeing him at the time of the interview and she was trying to be coy, she didn’t have to go so far as to say that she’d eventually meet someone nice. That just seems kind of unnecessary. And yet, it’s hard to say whether I want the Palins to get more media training or not. On the one hand, it’s so amusing when they fuck up. But on the other hand, it makes me cringe every time, and who wants to cringe? It’s such a waste of energy. So really, tough to say.

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