If there’s anything we love about the Internet—besides the cat videos and the thing where it is on call to cough up the whole of human knowledge 24 hours a day—it’s the chance to see celebrities sucking at things. It makes us feel superior. We especially like it when the celebrity is a huge and important figure who seems to be good at everything she does, which is why we were so damn tickled to see Oprah’s first-ever selfie last night. Oprah sucks at taking selfies.


Oprah took her first selfie last night at the NAACP Image Awards, but she only managed to capture half of her face in the frame. She did get Idris Elba and most of a tall guy in the background, though.

“My first selfie. Love @idriselba! #imageawards,” Oprah captioned the photo.

Oprah being bad at something is shocking, because she’s the sort of person who does everything well. This reminds us of when flawless perfectionist Martha Stewart started filling her Twitter feed with the worst food photography anybody had ever seen. We’re sure her dishes were delicious, but her awkward composition and camera phone lighting made them look pretty disgusting. (Taking food pictures with a cell phone is admittedly difficult, but it’s not that difficult.)

Of course, even when Oprah sucks at something, she still does it better than we do. We can get our whole face into a selfie without incident, but we can’t get Idris Elba in there for love or money. It looks like Oprah wins again. Or maybe Idris Elba won. She is Oprah, after all. Even he seems stunned.

“Did I just photo bomb Oprah???” Idris Elba tweeted in response.