There are precious few times that we are given the opportunity to learn how to live like Oprah.

Just kidding. We can learn to live like Oprah on most episodes of her talk show. But what we can’t do by watching those is find out what she thinks about home decor.

In an interview with Nate Berkus, Oprah discloses her belief that decorating your home is a skill that one develops over time, much like learning to what kind of wine one’s palate is naturally drawn.

For instance, when she was first rich, she says, she decked out her Chicago penthouse in all white, glass and chrome. We’ve all been there, right?

But now, now that she has all the money in the world, Oprah has been able to spend $50 million of it* on figuring out what kind of design is rally in her heart. Turns out, she’s more of an earth mother. Watch the video here.

*our estimate