For those of you who have been ignoring the Internet for the last 24 hours, the Oscars were last night. They were beautiful, they were annoying, but most of all, they were hilarious (at least, in my opinion). When you think about it, most awards shows are really just excuses for famous people to dress up and high five one another and thank their parents for sending them to film school or whatever. Granted, it gives the rest of us normal people a whole lot of fodder when it comes to fashion, competition and celebrity sassiness, but other than that, it’s sort of just a glorified 8th grade moving up ceremony.

My opinion is obviously not the be all, end all of statements on the Academy Awards; many of these movies are actually totally amazing and deserve recognition from the film community in some way. That said, I think that it is much more fun to view the Oscars with a humorous eye rather than an ultra-serious one (lest you become one of those people who gets truly angered by their fave actor losing — don’t worry, they’ll be all right). Fortunately, the rest of the world — particularly celebrities — had the same frame of mind and a whole lot to say on the subject, except in a much funnier manner than I could dream of accomplishing. Take a glance!

Screenshots via Twitter.[ITPGallery]