Over at Babble, writer Amy Sohn recently wrote a piece about the book “Go the Fuck to Sleep.” The faux-children’s tome was written by Adam Mansbach, about how much he wants his kids to settle in for the night so he can go watch a DVD. In her article, Sohn wonders whether the story could have been written by a mom like herself, and still been as well-received.

The answer is yes, and no. Yes, of course a mom would have been capable of writing it. Women are funny, and can even dream up such witty sentiments as “go the fuck to sleep.” But would it have been as lauded? Of course not. Sohn writes:

A mom who even thinks the word “fuck” around her kid? A mom who can’t get her child to sleep or is unwilling to co-sleep to do it? A mom who isn’t more lovable than caustic, always and forever? I can’t help but think the Internet masses on parenting sites like this would have a field day with it, raking me over the coals for the same sentiment that is so funny when expressed by a dad.

Anyway, I’m not a mom, but the piece got me thinking about how many other feelings women are still encouraged to keep to themselves, which in turn caused me to wonder what other topics would be fun to see covered by female writers in future, hypothetical books. Here are some ideas: