On Monday, we challenged you to play two truths and a lie with our prom stories. The person who guessed the lies most accurately would win a bag. Now, at last, the truth can be told.

Amanda: 1. She did not “lose her virginity at the beach after going to IHOP.”Although this would have been awesome, because silver dollar pancakes are pretty much an erotic superfood.

Jamie. 1. She did not skip her prom to go to a Nine Inch Nails concert. As you could tell from the prom photos.

Lindsay Cross: 3. While her formal was lovely, it did not make it to three different dances.

Jennifer: 3 I did spend my teen years terrified of drinking in any public place because of roofies, but prom was the one night where I decided I was safe.

Ashley Cardiff: All of this is correct, Ashley is like Han Solo.

Jen Dziura: 2. Her handsome suitor’s arm was not broken in a street hockey game.

Jessica: 3. Jessica was on a boat! With a seasick person! But her date was not wasted on peppermint schnapps.


And the winner is Kristen H with a perfect score. Kristen, you should be a detective. We will send you a bag to keep detective things in.