Pakistani actress and model Veena Malik is at the center of a frenzy over her nude FHM India cover. To start, those initials on her arm stand for Inter-Services Intelligence (Pakistan’s intelligence agency), which has been accused of sponsoring terrorist attacks in India. Next, she’s naked. Last, she claims the nudity was Photoshopped.

Malick says the ISI thing was a joke “intended to poke fun at the Indian fear of Pakistani spies.” She explained “whatever happens (in India), people say ISI is behind that.” So, if nothing else, that doesn’t sound terribly appropriate for the cover of a lad mag.

Interestingly, the cover FHM India claims will run in December (as it appears on their website) is more subtle insofar as she has pants on, but less subtle insofar as she has a grenade in her mouth:

As for the controversy over her nudity, there’s the “shame for all Muslims” fury from Islamic clerics that should come as no surprise.

Malik claims, though, that she knew she was posing for a “bold” cover, not a “nude” one. She says the naked photo of her was doctored and that she was wearing underwear the whole time (Irina Shayk claims the same thing happened to her exactly a year ago at Spanish GQ). Malick’s lawyers are demanding the photo be removed from the web, etc. They’re also demanding $2 million in damages.

Although FHM India appears to have changed the cover, they stand by the images and say Malik was initially pleased with the final product.

To thicken the plot further, some critics are saying Malik’s just trying to drum up publicity for her forthcoming reality TV show.