Mickey Boardman

Paper magazine’s editorial director Mickey Boardman had a lot to say in his recent piece for BuzzFeed Fashion’s “How I Made It in Fashion” series. Namely, names. Lots of names. A few examples: Nicki MinajLindsay LohanPrince and more.

Of course, Boardman also discusses loads of really insightful, inspirational aspects of his career in fashion, including how he pretended the first fashion magazines he bought at age 10 were for his mother, as well as the fantastically wild types of collections he created during his time at Parsons (examples: “the Supremes go to Shanghai” and “Jackie Ho”). Basically, Boardman’s rise to success sounds completely inevitable; from the beginning, he was pretty clearly destined for fashion industry stardom. Fashion needs unique voices in order to thrive, and he fits into that category perfectly.

“I worked at Paper as an intern,” he says. “They loved me, loved that I dressed like a freak and thought I was fabulous and — I was flourishing at the magazine. By the point I failed my first class, I had already written my first piece for the magazine.” That love Paper felt toward Boardman turned into a rather incredible career full of beautiful spreads and interesting stories, but his behind-the-scenes look at the world of fashion and celebdom also resulted in viewing entirely too much diva behavior.

So, who did Boardman applaud for their professional conduct and who did he blast?

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