Paris Hilton

That Paris. She sure is an awkward girl, isn’t she? One just never knows what she’s a-gonna do next. But it’s almost always worthy of a snarky comment or two, that’s for damn sure.

Take this pic, for instance. Her dress is fab. I love it. Slutty, yet sophisticated at the same time (kinda like Paris herself, no?). The clutch is over-the-top, but since she’s actually in the UK and since she is Paris Hilton, she gets away with it. Even her shoes, which normally only accentuate the boat-like status of her hooves, look to be a good choice here.

So what am I bitching about, then? How about the fact that she is in the most horridly unnatural pose a human could ever affix themselves in. Good Gawd. She looks so stiff and uncomfortable, it hurts my muscles just looking at her. Ouch. Yanno, P, a little bit of natural goes a long way in humanizing a girl. Keep that in mind, mm-kay?

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