If I’m being fully honest I’ve never really understood exactly why Paris Hilton is famous, and when she had her TV show I always preferred Nicole Richie. However, to be fair, Paris has always been a fashion trend setter and if she’s wearing something you can assume it will be all over the stores for the rest of us to buy.

Paris Hilton

Paris hit the L.A. red carpet wearing a babydoll dress in shades of blue and green. I’m not sure I like the black nylons, but it is the season for keeping your legs covered up and warm. Overall though, the dress colors really suit her.

Get Paris Hilton‘s dress …


Paris wore the “Sandra Bubble Dress” which comes from Voom by Joy Han. You can get the one-shouldered dress in the same shades as the one she wore, or you can get it in this gorgeous fuschia color. Either one can be purchased over here for $262.

Images: Newscom // Voom