Look, I like odd movies. I like weird films about weird people doing weird stuff. I think strange people are the best; after all, nobody wants to watch totally “normal” people walking around, making good choices and doing pleasant thinks. No, we want neurotic weirdos with bizarre mannerisms who have a hard time not doing the dumb things that we would probably also do.

However. Patricia Krentcil of “Tan Mom” fame is not one of the people I would like to watch do things. As we all recall undoubtedly, unfortunately well, Krentcil has faced considerable criticism for possibly taking her 5-year-old into a tanning bed with her. Then, she made a bunch of money off of briefly discontinuing her orange skintone, proceeded to make rather stupid statements on television and drukenly attacked a drag queen after calling a spotlight “the North Star.” As Jennifer said, Krentcil is not the “good kind of celebrity”; having gotten famous due to a potential child abuse charge and overtanning her skin, she is the kind we should all do our hardest not to mimic.

So, naturally, she’s getting her own biopic. Krentcil told InTouch Magazine that she’s working on a film about her life and struggles. “I’ll star. It’s going to portray everything that’s happened.” But why is there going to be a film about a person whose “struggles” regarding “everything that’s happened” could likely fit into a 5-minute news special?

The movie, however, won’t be a lighthearted comedy. Patricia says that the last year has been very hard on her family. Ashley, 18, Alec, 17, and Austin, 15, were “badgered at school,” and the stress affected Anna and 4-year-old Addison. “We were all mentally abused,” she claims, “for no reason.”

Okay, (A) the state was attempting to protect your kids from potential abuse, which I think counts as a reason and (B) if you want your children to stop being “badgered at school,” I have a feeling being photographed while attacking drag queens in NYC nightclubs is not the way to do it. But I digress…

“What they did to me was not right,” the stay-at-home mom of five declares in the new issue of In Touch. “I have a lot of other opportunities, so I’m just trying to figure out where to move my family.”

She claims she’s been fielding offers for modeling gigs in London, Paris and New York. “Everybody wants me,” she gushes to the mag, on newsstands now.

While this woman sounds mildly delusional and is definitely fame-hungry to the point of no return, I do believe that people often deserve second chances and just about always deserve a chance to tell their side of the story. That said, people who make money off of potentially having abused their kid do not deserve to have films made about them.

Photo: Michael Carpenter/