She was the first woman in country music to ever take that stage at Carnegie Hall, she divorced a man who wanted her to live under the thumb of his idea of a conventional wife, and like so many tragic artists, she died far too young at the age of 30. She was country singer Patsy Cline. Had she not been killed in a plane crash in March of 1963, she’d be 80 years old today.

Cline was one of the first, and one of the very few, who was able to cross over from country music to mainstream success. She is not only legendary in both genres thanks to her emotional and sultry voice, but also because of her badass attitude. She was one of the boys and referred to herself as “The Cline.” As her friend and colleague Dottie West once said in an interview: “It was common knowledge around town that you didn’t mess with ‘The Cline!'” Hell no.

She’s also, in this blogger’s humble opinion, an immediate go-to after a break-up. Patsy sung it how it was, and with every breath in and out, you not only feel her pain from her rocky life, but you equate your own despair to it, too. Misery does love company.

Here are nine quotes from a lady who knew how to sing, knew how to live and definitely knew how to love. But first just do yourself a favor and watch this video if this is the first time you’ve heard of Patsy Cline. That headband is the shit.


Photos: The Cline Collection (unless otherwise stated)