Ex-American Idol judge Paula Abdul certainly has enough money to afford to buy real fur products should the desire ever be there, however she chooses to avoid it in favor of faux fur.

I’m sure her cute little puppy is pleased to know that Paula doesn’t wear real fur, and PETA will love her too!

Paula was at the 2009 American Music Awards’ luxury gifting lounge and she topped her black jeans and white top with a funky little faux fur vest in varying shades of brown, which probably added just enough warmth to keep her cozy during this turning-chilly season.

Get Paula’s furry style …

Paula chose the Dimri vest for her evening out and as you can see, unlike the old mink coats of yesteryear, this goes great with casual style and doesn’t need to be paired up with glam outfits.


If you need a more affordable version, this equally cute faux fur vest will only run you $31 and you can purchase it over here. I think I prefer the black one but the gray is really nice too!

Image: JC Penney