I may not be your biggest fan, but I will concede when you are looking better than your usual sloppy trainwreck self, Peaches Geldof. Though you continue to disappoint me with the 90’s grunge look, I can see how this new reddish tone your hair has makes your skin less sallow and your overall appearance a little more…acceptable.

I do hope however that this isn’t the start of some new hair dye-fest where you are the solo attendee and your hair endures repeated changes just so you can think of yourself as funky and original. It’s one thing when you are constantly wearing bizarre or unflattering clothes just for attention…when you start doing that with hair, well…that’s a little bit more risky, harder to shake off.

Let’s just keep it red for now, shall we?

Peaches Geldof Redhead Plaid Shirt

Image: Bauer Griffin