I guess it’s a good thing I live in New York, where I can enjoy all the best of what the culinary world has to offer right at my doorstep. I can get pate de fegato at Sorella. Crack pie at Milk Bar. And this really cool, cutting edge new thing called a “smoothie” at McDonalds.

Now, I know you people in the Midwest probably think that a “smoothie” is some jive talking young man wearing an earring who wants to make pookie-pookie with your daughters and goats on the back of his tractor. And you’d be right. But it is also a beverage.

According to AdAge:

While the drinks are well-known among urbanites, they have yet to catch on in the mass market. One sticking point may have been one of availability… Another is a lack of knowledge about the products. And so the chain is beginning another education campaign, having spent much of last spring explaining the latte. Ads from DDB Chicago, depicts berries and yogurt going into a blender to create a “real fruit smoothie.”

Holy fucking shit, berries and yogut TOGETHER? Your mind is blown. I know. It’s cool. You can resume eating your cheerwine donuts until you adjust.