A nude model/performance artist named Zoe West is suing the NYPD for denying her the right to get naked in public, for art. The pint-sized performance artist was arrested last year while attempting perform her art (which involved nudity and body paint) at the corner of Broadway and W 44th st, and she’s still mad about it!

“It is not illegal to be naked in New York as long as you are doing it for the purpose of a play, exhibition, performance or show,” her “civil-rights lawyer” Ron Kuby told The New York Post. “We had made arrangements to ensure that Ms. West would not be arrested, but apparently, one of the cops didn’t get the memo or didn’t care.”

It would be easy to make fun of this clearly somewhat dramatic person for painting this as a civil rights case, but as someone who’s had my own topless run-in with the cops, I must say I admire the bravery it takes to stand up to the boys in blue, especially when you’re not wearing anything. I find this tidbit especially amusing:

He noted, however, that West was given a wide berth when she arrived at the precinct house clad only in swirling pigments, apparently because “nobody wanted to take the bust.”

Nice choice of words, NYP. I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned this into part of her art piece, because it says something about the power that can be held by a naked and vulnerable woman.

(Via The New York Post)

Photo Credit: Han Von Rittern