As you may recall, Peter Brant II caused quite the kerfuffle yesterday when he posted a terrible joke about killing President Obama to Instagram, then proceeded to be super terrible to anyone who dared to criticize him. Now, he has (basically, pretty much) apologized for what he termed his “petty stupid humor.” Hooray?

In an email to Fashionista, Brant writes:

“I would just like to say I never intended to offend everyone. I’m really not that political and after the election all my friends and I, republicans and democrats alike were instagramming political cartoons and poking fun at each other on Facebook. I didn’t mean what I said, and obviously I have no intention of killing anyone, Obama is now our president and as such I support him. What Andrew and I said was stupid and I’m sorry to anyone we offended. This is a time when we need to be unified as a country and not let any petty stupid humor get in the way of that.”

He further clarifies on Twitter:

Did you hear that? He’s really not that political! (Note: America’s upper classes don’t have to be political because they’re going to be okay no matter what.) He’s sorry to anyone he offended! The kid has already got some serious PR skills.

In all seriousness, I hope he’ll take this as a learning experience to at least confine his worst douchebaggery to private conversations with his fellow idiot teens. While nobody actually thought he was going to make an attempt on the president’s life, it was in poor taste to say the least, considering how many progressive leaders (especially black progressive leaders) have been murdered over the years.

And as for his “not very political” political beliefs, he might do well to hide his disdain for the social welfare state a little bit better if he wants his career as an “icon” to take off. Nobody likes a smug teen billionaire who doesn’t believe in giving a few crumbs of his insane luck back to society. The good news, if he didn’t already know, is that Obama is not going to make any kind of perceivable dent in his sizable, un-earned fortune.

(Via Fashionista)

Photo: Twitter