Peter Facinelli has been out promoting his new Showtime drama ‘Nurse Jackie’. It would appear part of this publicity tour is meant for us to forget that Peter at one time was a rather dashing young man.

Here is Peter posing before going onto ‘Good Day New York’ – looking kind of puffy and very bright in his aqua windbreaker. Hair billowing like it’s windy (come on, we all know there is an entire cup of gel that’s in place to hold that hair up), jeans tight but-not-too-tight, Peter looks more like the Dad you might see near the soccer field cheering his kids on, he thinks he looks all stylish and cool…but secretly his soccer playing kids are cringing and wishing Dad would just go play golf and stooooop embarassing them….

I hear you, kids. This is embarassing to all of us.


Image: INF