Ellen DeGeneres and her Oscar friends can suck it. Yesterday evening a plane crashed on takeoff in Philadelphia, and while we do not want to have to ride in an airplane ever again, one survivor has become Internet famous for taking the most epic selfie we have ever seen.

“So my plane just crashed …” she tweeted, posting a photo of the wreckage of the US Airways flight from which she had just been evacuated.

Then she turned the camera on herself for this amazing selfie:

If this is what it takes to win the selfie wars, we hope @han_horan keeps the title forever, because she has earned it. We can’t imagine anything more terrifying, and we hope nobody has an experience as scary as hers for a very long time.

While the photos of the wrecked plane will definitely give us nightmares and keep us sticking to local vacations for the near future, this was not nearly so much of a tragedy as it could have been. According to E! Online, all 154 passengers and crew members were fine.

(Photos: Twitter/han_horan)