melissa mccarthy photohsop of horrors

You are looking at the UK poster for upcoming buddy copy movie The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and… well, allegedly Melissa McCarthy but, perhaps more accurately, simply “What the fuck?”

Sidenote. Did anyone else grow up playing The Sims? Sure you did. Did anyone else go real far down the rabbit hole of internet downloading (at TheSimsResource, perhaps?) so you could customize your Sim families with characters from television, comics and assorted pop culture ephemera? We used to download hundreds of skins–you know, so we could finally make Buffy and Spike happy together. By which we mean, Melissa McCarthy looks exactly like a shitty version of that–the incompetent mapping of human features across a digital canvas. How the hell did this make it through?

As Buzzfeed points out, the US poster fares better, though it’s not impressive in its own right:

melissa mccarthy the heat us posterJeez.