Will we ever get tired of looking at classic paintings of beautiful women Photoshopped to look fashion model thin? I don’t think so! In a similar vein to Anna Utopia Giordano‘s nifty series of photoshopped paintings, artist Nazareno Crea has produced a series called “Alpha Beauties” for which he retouched the subjects of the great paintings of yore to fit our modern standards of beauty: high cheekbones, big eyes, narrow hips, and skinny, skinny, skinny. Looking through them, I find the effect to be downright uncanny, so I’m judging his work to be effective. I realize it’s not a new practice to point out how arbitrary our cultural standards of beauty are; feminist artists have been doing it since the 1970s. But as those standards continue to hammer us every day, it’s still nice to have a reminder once in a while. Look through these side-by-side comparisons of his images with the original paintings and see if you don’t agree; there are lots more to be found on Crea’s website.

(Via Kottke)

Images: Nazareno Crea