photoshop video

We all know that every image in every magazine, commercial, or billboard has been digitally manipulated to meet a manufactured standard of beauty, so much so that it’s almost invisible. We take in the images as if they’re real, and our brain processes them like they’re a realistic representation of humans. This is of course, not at all limited to still photography, and a new music video for Hungarian singer-songwriter Boggie‘s “Nouveau Parfum” shows us just manipulated video can be.

Starting with the musician’s un-made up face, she eventually receives a new skin tone, larger, perfectly symmetrical eyes (in a new color), new hair, a different nose, full make up, and more defined cheekbones.

digital retouching 2

The video, directed by Bálint Nagy and Nándor Lőrincz, shows how every detail on a person’s face can be altered, even in motion. While this is obviously a simulation (and doesn’t bare any real resemblance to Photoshop) and doing this in actuality is more complicated than it would appear, it’s still a chilling reminder that basically all of the media we consume has been completely removed from reality.

[vimeo video=”83502019″]

Naively, I think of TV or film–any motion-based media, as being exempt from digital retouching. Sure, the actors are made up beyond recognition, but how much manipulating could they really do to a series of moving parts? Obviously, they can do quite a bit, and this is an unnerving reminder.

digital retouching

Photos: Vimeo [H/T designboom]