As part of their ongoing effort to prove that their made-for-TV movie Liz And Dick has not been derailed by Lindsay Lohan‘s continuous crime spree, Lifetime, Television For Criers (TM) has released three more stills from the film. Let’s judge them!

The first (above) shows Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on their wedding day, and seems like a pretty good approximation of what they actually looked like, if you are able to ignore the stink lines of desperation that are constantly emanating from LiLo’s person.

The second still shows LiLo as Liz Taylor as Cleopatra in the 1963 film (meta):

Again, it’s a good enough picture. Vulture points out that the extras’ hair looks a little too perfectly curled for the pre-curling iron era, but it’s not like the original Liz Taylor movie was a historically accurate replication of Cleopatra’s life, either, so I’m willing to give it a pass.

The third shows LiLo five years from now as ’80s Liz Taylor, all bloaty and sad and hounded by the paparazzi:

Like I said, I take no issue with any of these photos. They are fine! But at this point, the number of pictures of LiLo “channeling” someone (via hair, makeup, photography, and other things she did not do herself) outweigh instances of her actually playing someone so heavily that I will believe the acting part when I see it. (Remember when she was supposed to play Linda Lovelace?) In order to preserve Lifetime’s reputation as a classy purveyor of highbrow entertainment, I suggest the promoters of Liz And Dick refrain from releasing any more press photos until they have at least one video clip to back them up.

(Via Vulture)

Photos: Lifetime