In an effort to promote their forthcoming made-for-TV movie Liz and Dick, Lifetime, Television For Criers (TM) has released a poster that attempts to draw parallels between the film’s star Lindsay Lohan and its subject Elizabeth Taylor. Because Elizabeth Taylor is not interesting enough to draw viewers on her own, but LiLo totally is. (Shoot me.) From the poster, it seems they’ve given up on LiLo ever “disappearing into the role” (or any role ever again) and are content to run with this freakish, LiLo-Elizabeth Taylor hybrid. (LizLo?)

Looking at the words they chose for their mood board, I’ll admit the two share a few superficial similarities. But on closer examination, they tend to break down. For instance:

-DIAMONDS: Liz Taylor bought them, while LiLo prefers to steal them. More fun that way, I guess.

-PROVOCATIVE: Liz Taylor showed a hint of cleavage, while LiLo shows her vagina while getting out of cars.

-CHILD STAR: Okay, The Parent Trap was pretty good.

Anyway, enough stalling, Lifetime! I’m not going to believe LiLo can pull this off until I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

(Via People)

Photo: Lifetime