Not one to be outdone by some random relative, Pippa Middleton caused a brand new royal scandal over the weekend. While driving in a car with some fancy aristocrat, said fancy aristocrat turned around to face the paparazzi that was training the duo, pulled a gun, and aimed it at the camera.

Unfortunately, rather than be respectfully horrified, Pippa turned around with him and smirked. You can see the photos here, taken by a photographer for “The Sun” at whom the gun was aimed.

If it was a real gun, everyone involved could face up to seven years in prison. If it was fake, they could still face two years in jail. It’s not entirely clear what the terms of those potential sentences are, or what constitutes “being involved.” But one message has been received: if there’s going to be a royal scandal, it’s going to involve Pippa. BACK OFF, KATRINA DARLING.