Good news — it’s not too late! Thanks to an Australian producer, you can now do it on reality TV. The show, which was given the red light in Australia, has recently relocated to Nevada and will feature young folk who will televise the sale of their first time.

Listen — I have no problem with this. You want to sell it? Go for it. Honestly, it’s probably a lot more calculated and deliberate than most losses of virginity. Not to mention the fact that you bank at the end.

But despite the fact that most of the (three, so far) participants appear to be over the age of 21 — and are male and female, FYI — no one can believe that anybody would do this of their own volition. The headline over at the Telegraph reads: “An Australian documentary maker has convinced several young people to appear in a reality television programme in which they auction their virginity to the highest bidder.”

Riiiiight — because this is so clearly a case of coersion. I don’t know about you guys, but any time Natalie Dylan, the chick who started this trend, appeared on talk shows or radio shows, she was extremely clear about what she was doing and why she was doing it. The people who had a problem with this were the people who were in a frenzy to impose their moral judgments on what she was doing. No argument that I ever heard about her decision was based on any hole in her confidence or logic.

So, go you, reality show virgins. I hope you make enough to shut up the haters.

[Via The Daily Beast]