There’s now a way to get your pepperoni pizza with a big old side of intersectionality, thanks to the new Tumblr Pizza Feminism. I discovered the hilarious gem, subtitled “A Slice Of Feminist Fun,” this morning and haven’t been able to stop scrolling, laughing and craving pizza (even though it’s currently 8:11 am where I am).

Here, LOL with me:

pizza-feminism-1 pizza-feminism-2 pizza-feminism-3 pizza-feminism-4

As you can see, the idea behind the Tumblr is to feature quotes of famous feminists superimposed over pictures of pizza, with key words (like “women” or “body”) replaced with the word pizza. Or, in the case of the Audre Lorde quote, my personal favorite, “mozzarella.” Oh god, so good! Pizza Feminism also features the original quotes under the images, so in case you don’t happen to know that Judith Butler is referring to gender, you can understand the context.

I’m always a big fan of fun, feminist internet memes like this one, like the Feminist Ryan Gosling or the Feminist Taylor Swift Twitter account. Hell, Feminist Ryan Gosling was so popular, it’s now a book! As serious as the ongoing work of feminism continues to be (especially in our transphobic world), projects like this prove it’s just fine to pair your feminist identity with a sense of humor. Or, you know, green peppers and onions, if that happens to be your thing. And no, you don’t have to be embarrassed to eat pizza in front of boys. Especially not feminist pizza!

Pizza Feminism take submissions, so you could totally send in your own graphic with the words of your favorite feminist emblazoned across a photo of a melty, cheesy, greasy delivery pizza. I think Alison Bechdel would go great with Neapolitan, Hillary Clinton would strangely complement a pancetta-arugula pie and Cherríe Moraga is perfect for Chicago deep dish.

Photos: Pizza Feminism