A week from today is Father’s Day. Although we should be appreciating our dads every day of the year, sometimes we don’t show our thanks to our dads as often as we should. Father’s Day is a great day to have so we can lavish our dads with love, attention, and of course gifts.

Created in 1910 by Sonora Smart Todd, her idea was to create a day for dads everywhere to complement Mother’s Day, which had been established in 1908 by Ann Jarvis. Although it would take almost two decades for the holiday to really take off, it, like Mother’s Day, eventually found success–and commercial success at that. What the hell would Hallmark do without all these holidays? How ever would they stay afloat, and why is it that no one has created Amanda Chatel Day? Celebrating my birthday and half birthdays just isn’t enough; I’d like one more day please.

My delusional narcissicm aside, we’re down to one week of shopping for Dad, so you better get cracking. Take the next few days to come up with something really special that shows the man who brought you into the world (or rather provided the necesssary bodily fluid to do so) just how grateful you are for his love and support. If you’re at a loss for what to get him, here are 8 suggestions that might help.