You can play even if it’s been years since you’ve been to prom. Here are some options for a special Prom Themed Version of Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House.

Ed Note: Patrick Bateman and I are killing it in the firey underbelly out Mount Doom.


Attractive prince from a small but wealthy European principality

Your Boyfriend

Your gay best friend

A serial killer



Date’s car

Your car



The observation deck of the Empire State building

A hotel ballroom

The gym

The fiery underbelly of Mount Doom

Post-dance Plans:

Chartered party shuttle TO THE MOON

After-party in a hotel suite

Heading to somebody’s house/ family cabin for champagne and hot-tubbing

Fleeing your serial killer date while tearing off your dress in terror and getting all smeared with blood


A specially designed Oscar de la Renta, just for you!

Vintage frilly lace number

Sleek and sexy backless gown

The colossally disappointing pink dress from Pretty in Pink


The million dollar modeling contract you got when an agent saw your couple pictures

Your dried corsage

Candid photos from throughout the night

A baby