Betty vs. Veronica. It’s an age old question. The correct answer is “Betty.”

Lilit: Even before I knew what a Mary Sue was, I knew that Betty was one, and that I hated her. There was never any question in my mind that Veronica was the coolest girl in Riverdale. Think about it: she had the best wardrobe, a rich daddy who got her whatever she wanted, and way more vim and verve than boring old Betty. Betty is the sort of simpering, whimpering girl who would have sat at home crying when something bad happened to her. Veronica would have tracked down the person who wronged her and made them pay. Let’s just say I know which one I’d rather have riding shotgun with me.

Jennifer: I think people are always a little surprised that I like Betty more than Veronica. Between the two of them, Veronica obviously seems more worldly, and more exciting, and certainly sexier. But you know what Betty was? A good person. Feeling down? Betty will bake you some cookies. Jughead needs tutoring? Betty is there. She was smart. She was loyal. She worked hard. And it always made me sad that the comics never rewarded her for any of that. Sad, and also kind of unrealistic. Because in real life, those attributes don’t turn you into a doormat. They actually make you a pretty successful person and a great friend. At least Jughead understood that.