Would you watch Skating With The Stars? It’s like Dancing With The Stars, but with skating, instead. A short-lived, similar program, Skating With Celebrities, aired in 2006 on Fox, for one season.  That show also brought two people, Kristy Swanson, and Lloyd Eisler, together, and now the two are married.  Also, apparently Dave Coulier and Bruce Jenner were on it?  How did I never hear about this show?!  England’s own version of Skating With The Stars has been successful, and it is being brought to the US and will premiere November 22, 2010, on ABC.

According to their website, “Each contestant will be paired with a professional ice-skater that will help them learn how to dance, spin, and glide on skates rather then on their feet. Each contestant and their skating partner will be judged according to their skills and merits to the ice-skating skill. Each week on couple will be voted off until they find the winner of Skating with the Stars.”

Cake Poker reported that Bethenny Frankel, of Real Housewives of New York and Bethenny Getting Married? fame, will be appearing on the show, along with rock star Vince Neil.  It seems strange that Bethenny will be on the show, without Jill: although Bethenny is an adept skater (remember her Halloween costume in season 2?), Jill’s holiday skating party and subsequent fall on the ice makes me wish she was on the show, too.

So, I ask you:

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