When I think of the duties of royalty, I imagine a lot of hand-waving, coating your teeth with Vaseline so you can smile for hours on end, and knowing the right questions to ask of world leaders and dignitaries.

What I don’t always think about is how versed one has to be in high-society sporting activities. But while in Canada, Kate Middleton proved once again that it takes a whole lot of breeding to marry a prince, as she led a group of paddlers during a dragonboat race. What is a dragonboat race, you ask? I have no idea. Let’s see if we can find anything on the internet…

Yeah, it’s basically a boat race. Like crew. It originated in China over 2,000 years ago, and got its name from the decorative adornments often featuring dragons at the front and back of the boats. Canada, it appears, embraced the event in the 1980’s, and has since been home to some of the largest dragonboat festivals outside of Asia.

OK! So now that you know about dragonboat racing, what do you think:

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