A little while back, our friends at MyDaily reported on a study showing that young women today are less likely to know how to do traditional so-called women’s chores than our foremothers. For instance, they write that: “Researchers found that only 51 percent of women under 30 knew how to cook a roast while 82 percent of baby boomer females thought it was a cinch.”

For the record, I’m not even sure that I know what a roast is…a roast what? You know?

Anyway, I myself don’t cook much. I can cook, and when I have time to really get in there I enjoy it, but most of the time it’s too much of a hassle. As for other traditional ladywork, I mean, I can sew, I can iron, I can vacuum. It’s just that most of the time, I choose not to.

What about you?

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