rainbow cake

This is not personal at all, it is an important question about life in our times.

Let’s say you were invited to a party where the host specifically said there would be cake and champagne, and made like 23 clever Sloane Crosely jokes in the invitation. Would you be upset if there was only cake? And champagne? And nothing savory? What would you do? Would you steal her furniture? How? It would be hard to carry. Or would you just go all Chris Brown and tear off your shirt and throw a chair out the window? I am curious!

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Also – I should get a baked brie, maybe? I really don’t have time to make one, though. And I’m not totally sure where you buy one! Baked brie is messy, anyway, it’s more of a dinner party food. Strawberries and whipped cream? Again, I think that’s going to look messy once people have dipped a few times. What’s a good savory snack? I’m not just throwing some chips in a bowl, I’ve already assembled a cupcake tree. Chips in a bowl will look idiotic next to my really cool tree made out of cupcakes.

I guess it bears mentioning that – do you remember the Annette Benning character in American Beauty? I related to her so, so much.

UPDATE: In deference to some of your suggestions, I have incorporated in some Nice Cheese crackers.