via Dr. X

In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that I do not entirely know what a “hate crush” is.  But I saw this article on The Frisky, in which women discussed the “hate crushes” they have on their female friends.  From what I could gather from the comments, a hate crush seems to be an addictive love/hate relationship that a woman has with another female friend, similar to a “frenemy.”  Here are some comments from the article:

  • “I have a major hate crush with my best friend. I cannot help but want to destroy her while helping her with things at the same time. It is like this unavoidable compulsion.”
  • “I really do not know why I have a hate crush with my best friend, but it is there burning strong. I just like to see her fail, but I hate being the one to make it better. I love seeing her fail, but I love being her friend, too. I do not want to be her shoulder to cry on. I know this sounds odd.”
  • My friend and I are constantly sabotaging each other. She tried to get my wedding canceled by acting like my wedding planner and calling the hotel and telling them my now husband and I had split up. I tried to break up her and her boyfriend by sending flowers and candy to his house for her under some guy’s name. We have done dozens of other things to each other, but are still friends.”

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