Apparently, some people think that leaked pictures of a person in their underwear have the potential to shock the public enough to permanently damage the person’s reputation. (I think those people haven’t ever read a blog or seen the cover of “Maxim.”)

The Daily Mail reports that because of photos popping up on “U.S. websites” of Pippa Middleton dancing in just a bra and a skirt, and, alternately, wrapped in a dress made of toilet paper, she is going to bring great shame upon herself and her family.

Well, hm. If Pippa Middleton should be embarrassed about those pictures, I have in my possession photos of myself that should make me want to launch myself into deep space in an unmarked rocket.

What about you? Do you have something more embarrassing in your past than a topless pic and a toilet paper dress (which, I feel compelled to point out, are standard fare at bridal showers here in the shameless U.S.)?

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