Today was a nice little Saturday. Woke up, went to Home Depot…still might go to Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I don’t know — I don’t know if I’ll have enough time.

At any rate, today I took my fiance with me to Home Depot, but most of the time, I shop there alone. I find it both inspiring and overwhelming. I’m always reminded when I’m there of how many home improvement projects I need to do, and how many are possible to do should I choose to do them. I mean, you forget that you can spruce up a room any time you want by just changing out the doorknobs! You know?

Anyway, a few years ago Home Depot started catering to customers like me (customers with vaginas) by hiring more female employees and by running commercials starring women. I very much appreciated all that. I mean, I used to go to Home Depot as a kid with my dad from time to time, and he always taught me that I could fix or build anything just as well as a man. Once I left my parents’ house, he kept me in tools until I didn’t need any more.

But as a general rule, I still find that there are far fewer women shopping at Home Depot than men. So I’m curious — do you go there alone? Do you only go with a significant other? Or do you not go at all?

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