It’s now become fairly common knowledge, courtesy of birth control pills like Seasonique, that women can skip monthly periods and be physically fine. This bodes well for those of us who might be running the risk of getting our periods on our honeymoons, or during already-scheduled camping trips, or when we had gotten excited about a particular pair of white pants.

And while I completely get why some women are stoked to rid themselves of their monthly visitor, I have to say that it’s not a trend I’ve been able to enjoy. My hesitation might be because I don’t have a particularly heavy flow (overshare day), or because I get period-related migraines and I’m afraid that skipping a cycle would result in some new kind of new, horrific brain pain that I don’t even know about, or because I imagine uterine lining building up in there, which I’m sure is not medically accurate, but still.

Anyway, what about you?

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