Ah, the life of a twenty- or early-thirty-something. According to the world and the New York Times, many of us are in a prolonged adolescence, not embracing adulthood to the level expected by society, yet also not getting any younger, as predicted by biology.

So when it comes to vacations, what does that all mean? Some of us have traveled with our parents — and even our siblings! — throughout the decades, and will continue to do so. But others find the idea of traveling with parents to be panic-inducing, possibly even causing relapses into old addictions, binge eating and/or thousand-dollar, panic-induced shopping sprees.

Where do you fall in all this? Do you think a nice Alaskan cruise with mom, dad, sis and brother is just what the doctor ordered this holiday season (or any season), or would you rather order 25 tequila shots lined up in a row at your local bar to wash away the pain of your childhood?

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