When it was released in 1983, A Christmas Story, was somewhat overlooked. Critics of the film were divided on it, and it wasn’t until the mid-1980’s when HBO started showing it, that the now classic movie finally got the following it deserves.

In 1997, TNT started their marathon, “24 Hours of A Christmas Story,” that began at 8pm eastern time on Christmas Eve and continued on until the same time Christmas Day night. In 2009, TNT switched the marathon over to the TBS network, which is where it has remained ever since.

In 2010, the 24 hours of Ralphie fun was viewed by 3 million people, and the first airing at 8pm on Christmas Eve got 4.3 million viewers. Every year the number of viewers increases.

So, on this Christmas Day, as I sit here with A Christmas Story on in the background and Ralphie is about about to ask Santa for that Red Ryder BB Gun before being pushed down the slide, I wonder, does anyone else have this as a Christmas tradition? I have a handful of friends who still haven’t seen it, and although I’m confused by this fact, I just have to ask:

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