If you watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics over the weekend, you know that that Queen Elizabeth showed up in a sketch wearing a flashy dress, and then appeared at the games themselves to wave and smile.

Only she didn’t actually do much smiling. Instead, England’s fearless leader managed to eek out sort of a smirk, before her face turned into a downright frown.

Well, there are some Americans who do not like to see a frown, and they include the hosts of “The View.” In dissecting the queen’s appearance, Barbara Walters noted that, “It’s such a sour face…Would it have killed this woman, this queen, to [smile]?”

Whoopi Goldberg added on, asking “What could have created that face? Too tight a girdle? Shoes that didn’t fit?”

And in turn, here is our question for you: What do you think is the likelihood that the queen gives a flying fuck about what the hosts of “The View” think about her face?

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Photo via WENN.com