Apparently Brits devote only 39 minutes a day to eating. THIS IS INSANE.

According to Jezebel: Breakfast takes about 7 minutes, followed by 13 minutes for lunch. An average of 19 minutes is allotted for dinner, though more than half of those surveyed multitasked by eating in front of the TV.

I tried calculating how much I spend on each of these (in terms of preparation and the actual consuming and the lingering and enjoying). I’d say 20 minutes for breakfast. Then an hour for lunch. Then another 1-2 hours for dinner. I always thought this was pretty standard, this 2-3.5 hours devoted to eating thing. I mean, not that I mindlessly just shovel food in those hours it’s more about talking to people or reading and also eating but… I guess what I’m saying is how much time to do you spend eating a day?

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