Remember that professor at Northwestern, who held a demonstration of a fucksaw in his human sexuality class?

According to HuffPo, the school has decided to officially cancel the class, after it hit the news and caused a national uproar.

So, uh, colleges shouldn’t expose students to new things? Classrooms should be censored by pubic opinion, even if all participants are consenting adults? And even when students knew what they were signing up for:

“The event was not a mandatory class meeting; rather, it was optional, and students were told what the display would consist of before choosing to attend.”

I call triple and quadruple bullshit. Way to cave, Northwestern. Way to cave.

For further information, here’s an account of what happened in the class written by one of the lecturers, who also happens to be the woman who owns the infamous fucksaw.

What do you think?

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